The Keysight BT2200 charge-discharge platform is cost-effective and easily configurable for Li-ion cell formation. Modular configurations support cells requiring maximum currents ranging from 6 A to 200 A, with 8 to 256 cells or user channels per chassis. You can easily deploy different channel configurations as your cell requirements and capacities change; simply use the same charge-discharge modules and change the external wiring connections to create new parallel combinations of channels.

  • Reduce net energy consumption with highly efficient AC power regeneration during cell discharge.
  • Perform accurate four-wire measurements of current, voltage, and capacity.
  • Define and program eight unique sequences consisting of charge, discharge, and rest steps per system through either USB or LAN.
  • Monitor user-defined test conditions during individual sequence steps.
  • Ensure good connections to your cells through “probe check” capability.
  • Calibrate individual channels via an internal transfer calibration process.

The BT2200 platform is based on two chassis (208 VAC and 400 VAC three-phase) that support up to eight charge-discharge modules per chassis. Each module provides 32 physical channels capable of ± 6.25 A charge-discharge and 6 V. Combinations of up to 32 physical channels on each module can be paralleled in groups for greater charge-discharge current. If all 32 channels on a module are paralleled, a charge-discharge current of ± 200 A is provided for large-capacity cells.

For 400 VAC three-phase AC mains operation:

  • BT2202A charge-discharge chassis 400 VAC three-phase
  • BT2204B charge-discharge module

For 208 VAC three-phase AC mains operation:

  • BT2203B charge-discharge chassis 208 VAC three-phase
  • BT2204B charge-discharge module

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