The BenchVue Advanced power control app helps characterize voltage and current measurements and generate arbitrary waveforms for single instrument support.


  • PathWave BenchVue BV9201B Advanced Power Supply Control and Analysis Software for single instrument support
  • Easily track and record your power supply outputs to understand events impact on voltage and current measurement
  • Graphically configure three modes of analysis: scope (short-term waveform capture), data logger (long-term waveform capture), and CCDF (statistical analysis)
  • Easily create complex waveforms to stimulate or load down a DUT by inputting a formula, choosing from built-in, or importing waveform data
  • Export data for additional power supply analysis 
  • Integrate software functions into your programming environment via application programming interface (API) 
  • Control and analyze data from up to four supported power supplies or 16 outputs (N6700 DC Power Analyzer)
  • Supported instruments include any combination of N6705 DC Power Analyzer, N7900 Series Advanced Power System, and RP7900 Series Regenerative Power Supplies

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