Get detailed insights into SONiC's maturity.

What is SONiC PlugFest?

In our efforts to accelerate SONiC adoption and validate its maturity from individual features to day-2 operations readiness Keysight and Aviz networks have joined forces to put together a platform to bring together the SONiC end users and vendors and test SONiC over a range of vendor gear.

  • SONiC PlugFest will yield insights to feature, scale, and deployment score of SONiC across multiple vendors.
  • Customer advisory board (CAB) comprising of major banks, enterprises, hyperscalers, network operators, and many more will come together to review and brainstorm the requirements for the success of SONiC in their deployments.
  • Vendors can gain access to these insights and also showcase their best products to bring the quality bar for SONiC to new heights.

After the recent success of the SONiC PlugFest in the USA, we decided to expand further to include participation from China as well. The event will be conducted in Keysight Labs, Beijing from December 2021 to February 2022 with multiple vendor platforms being tested.

Disaggregation in networking with merchant silicon, white boxes, and open source network operating systems (NOS) has brought disruption to the data center and cloud marketplace. Innovation from community-based development in open source collaborative environments is becoming a popular choice for NOS development.

With maturity, the open source community will need testing to ensure solutions meet industry standards. Bugs found in development are 90–100 times cheaper to fix than those found after a product has shipped. Keysight brings over two decades of test expertise to the open source networking community to collaborate and contribute with test methodologies and solutions.

Keysight and SONiC for Open Networking

SONiC is one of the leading solutions when it comes to open-source network operating systems. Cloud titans have embraced this trend for data center networking, with 3.8 million SONiC ports deployed by over 10 clouds and large enterprises as of mid-2020.

Keysight is part of the SONiC community and we are excited to contribute to the test working group. We bring a robust test environment to harden and mature SONiC switches, specifically in the areas of:

  • Forwarding performance and resiliency: to measure resiliency of the data center in case of failures
  • Control plane conformance and performance: to identify potential interoperability issues and characterize performance bottlenecks and limits
  • Congestion avoidance and buffer management: to ensure that traffic flows are prioritized properly and buffer/queue is used efficiently

Avoid complicated, multi-vendor test topologies by using a unified solution form Keysight, the world leader in network test.

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An overview of the stand-alone testbed topology using Keysight’s protocol emulator and traffic generator, IxNetwork.
Microsoft SONiC test

Keysight and DENT Open Source Network Operating System

Conceived by a Linux Foundation project and driven by a community of cloud, application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC), original design manufacturer (ODM), and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, DENT is emerging as the network operating system (NOS) for the campus, edge retail, and remote office/branch office (ROBO) markets. DENT opens the door to being vendor agnostic and allowing the widest range of hardware selection. Internet of things (IoT) is ushering in more complexities at the edge and networking has to evolve to catch up with the expanding remote and distributed enterprise needs. DENT simplifies this with its approach and brings the richness of networking essentials like Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Equal-Cost Multi-Path (ECMP), Link Aggregation Group (LAG), and many more.

Keysight is pleased to support the DENT community by offering an open verification lab test facility where community members can perform interoperability and system-level validation. Our objective is to accelerate the adoption of DENT by offering Keysight’s test expertise.

Jumpstart Your NOS Deployments

Adoption and validation of open source network operating systems are challenging for most adopters as the community test plans and set up are limited in scope and lack the capability to address end-to-end verification of a given solution with disaggregated networking elements.

Keysight, in collaboration with Aviz Networks, provides a test-as-a-service (TaaS) and a packaged test for open NOS verification to jumpstart your DENT and SONiC deployments and validation. By offering subscription hardware and subscription test packages, Keysight makes testing more affordable to open NOS communities.

OVL open verification lab

Take The Right Approach To Testing

Leverage over two decades of Layer 2/3 test experience from Keysight's network test solutions and hardware platforms.


  • Open source and data model drive API – Snappi
  • IxANVL: Complete conformance test suite
  • IxNetwork: Protocol emulation with matching data plane


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