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Automating QA testing across your entire enterprise IT system

Automating quality assurance testing of enterprise applications requires validating application behavior against expected results in a pre-production environment. To accommodate technology stacks consisting of both off-the-shelf software and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications with both monolithic and microservices, an effective test solution needs to interface to a broad range of endpoint devices.

From mobile, to desktop, to internet of things devices, the test solution must work with workflows that span a variety of different operating systems to ensure excellent user experience (UX) and functionality. The scenario may also require authentication to one or more application environments, and validation that data returned from backend systems is correct. UX-driven testing leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) addresses all these requirements.

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Enterprise application test automation solution

Automating complex enterprise software releases requires UX layer testing. Eggplant Test simplifies full-stack UX testing by applying a non-invasive interface to the system under test. After developers create a model of the system, Eggplant explores the model and generates a test plan for the entire application workflow. This single-solution approach replicates tester behavior by creating and executing test cases that combine computer vision with robotic process automation to cover all possible paths the end user can take.

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Universal fusion engine

Identify, execute, and adapt tests automatically with Eggplant’s AI-powered engine to provide the fastest path to quality for your system under test.

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API evaluation

Prevent errors that could lead to lost sales or unhappy customers with application programming interface (API) testing, which verifies front-end results match back-end results.

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Intelligent computer vision

Facilitate testing of complex UX elements using Eggplant’s optical character recognition to identify text from images.

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