Test Through Your Users' Eyes

Looking to achieve a smooth and seamless user experience (UX)? The human-to-computer interface is the most critical testing component of successful UX or customer experience (CX). However, traditional web testing tools can be limited to just Selenium WebDriver connections testing HTML or WebElement objects in the Document Object Model. Tests must account for:

  • A vast array of device types, browsers, and operating systems — each requiring unique test scripts and snippets
  • Screen resolution, dynamic font size, type, and color
  • Java objects that can change at any point in the development cycle

Validating UX/CX can be complex and time-consuming when using traditional functional test solutions. Luckily, Eggplant Test's image search engine is powered by artificial intelligence and includes five modes to help build customized, automated, and complete testing.

“Before automation, 1,000 trials required 47 employee hours. This reduced to 21 hours of the testing team’s time after Eggplant automation."

—Ichiro Mori, PM Group Manager, NEC Personal Computers

Adopt a Winning Digital Transformation Strategy

The digital transformation phenomenon is reaching a turning point. The main forces of this process — new consumers, new technology, and new business — influence each other, enhancing the effect. With the Eggplant Test's intelligent computer vision capabilities, your team can stay ahead of every trend.

Learn how to defy the limits of traditional testing tools and ensure a more efficient and high-quality customer experience.

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Keysight University: Automated Software Testing 101

Learn everything you need to know to get started with software test automation. Bring your team to the next level with industry best practices and optimization techniques. Quick videos cover testing basics, planning for deployment, and more.

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