SystemVue's standards-based baseband PHY libraries help you quickly create & verify algorithms and high-performance system architectures with confidence, so that they will work in the real world. SystemVue helps put PHY ideas on the air in record time.

SystemVue Baseband Verification Libraries

Baseband Verification libraries provide compiled sources, receivers, function blocks, and reference designs that adhere to the physical layer of modern emerging standards. They are used to create, examine, and receive PHY waveforms and test vectors at various locations in a system diagram in order to exercise system architectures and algorithms, down to the block level. With native TCP/IP connectivity, they also support co-design with test equipment and hardware development boards for both baseband and modulated-carrier signals.

SystemVue Baseband Exploration Libraries

Exploration libraries build on top of Verification libraries. They provide an open platform for innovative PHY designs that includes working, native source code for PHY blocks (math format), plus documentation on the standard itself. This gives system architects and algorithm developers a head-start on innovative implementations of new platforms, as well as an open gold-standard for comparison. Exploration Libraries are polymorphic, incorporating compiled models for simulation speed, as well as open to user-supplied IP, for easy comparison. For designers working at the cutting edge of emerging standards, they are also a tremendous learning tool and productivity aid. Special licensing & support consideration apply. Please inquire with your Keysight sales representative for more information.

Libraries Baseband
5G (New Radio, Verizon)



LTE-Advanced (3GPP Rel 8, 9, 10 and 11)


LTE (3GPP Rel 8)


3G (GSM, EDGE, CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, HSUPA, HSDPA, HSPA+ and support for MSR testbenches)


WiMAX™ 802.16e


WLAN (802.11a/b/g/n, 802.11ac, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR)

mmWave WPAN (802.15.3c, 802.11ad1)  W1915EP



OFDM2, Zigbee2, approximately 40 common digital modulation (sources-only)2

Digital Modem (Basic, Satellite, and Military Communications)  W1902EP

Radar (Pulsed Doppler, FMCW, DAR, SAR, SFR, MIMO, Phased Array)

Automotive Radar  W1908EP

GNSS (GPS, also GLONASS, Beidou, Galileo)


DOCSIS 3.1 (custom TX/RX library) Inquire for quotation
DVB-S2X (custom library; also includes legacy DVB-S2) Inquire for quotation

Table 1. SystemVue Baseband PHY libraries vs. level of IP access

1 Also compatible with WGA physical layer specification 1.1.
2 The core W1461 SystemVue environment includes free blocksets and application examples that are useful for building custom waveform applications, and downloading test vectors to instruments.

Cooperative Licensing with Signal Studio

The most recent versions of Keysight Signal Studio now offer an option to “Export to Keysight Simulation”. Encrypted .WFM waveform files that are exported using this new option retain their Signal Studio licensing, but become available for use in SystemVue dataflow simulations, depending on the type of license available on that simulation host. This requires SystemVue 2013.01 or later release.

Look for Signal Studio Option 7FP (fixed perpetual license on a nodelocked host/source) or Option 7NP (floating license). Listed below are several Signal Studio software products that provide this simulation option:

  • N7600B WCDMA
  • N7601B CDMA
  • N7602B GSM/EDGE
  • N7606B Bluetooth
  • N7611B DAB
  • N7612B TD-SCDMA
  • N7615B WiMAX
  • N7617B WLAN
  • N7623B DVB
  • N7624B LTE FDD
  • N7625B LTE TDD


SystemVue baseband reference libraries can be added to any SystemVue environment or bundle. Visit the following link to view other SystemVue configurations:

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