Maximize Your PCB Design Productivity

PathWave High-Speed Digital Applications (HSD Apps) provides signal integrity software to help hardware engineers and printed circuit board designers create high-speed design prototypes, perform validation, and generate performance reports. Each application is lightweight and requires little effort to be productive.

Spend more time doing analysis with an intuitive user experience

Create high-speed channel prototypes with just a few clicks

Gain signal integrity insights within minutes

Detect Signal Integrity Issues Early and Reduce Time to Market

HSD Apps enable engineers to identify signal integrity issues quickly, catch design errors early, and create progress reports effortlessly. Engineers can perform quick signal integrity diagnostics to remove the verification bottleneck, reduce PCB board spins and produce more customer success.

Electrical Performance Scan

The ultimate Signal Integrity tool for your hardware design

EP-Scan simplifies the comparison process between different versions of the printed circuit board design, making it easy to see and report performance differences. By analyzing common fabrication formats like ODB++, EP-Scan shows you the performance of your design as it would be fabricated.

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