Do you Face these EMC Test Challenges?

  • Lack of test capacity or facilities
  • Risk of redesign and product recall
  • Test complexity increasing
  • Difficulty staying current of standards and regulations
  • Shortage of budget and technical resources

Unify your Test Needs in our Lab in Boeblingen, Germany

Simulate, debug, and comply your equipment under test (EUT) to over 50 global standards and regulations with Keysight experts and state-of-the-art equipment.

Unmatched EMC capabilities and experts in a single lab

  • Radiated emissions chamber
  • Conducted emissions test site
  • Radiated immunity chamber
  • Wireless test site
  • Environmental testing chamber
  • Safety test site

Choose from our Offerings

Design and Test Consulting

Simulate and debug your EUT to minimize design iterations, gain better insights into your EMC performance and solve design roadblocks with Keysight EMC test consultants.

Custom Testing

Validate your EUT to internal test requirements that may exceed the test limits set in standards and regulations without investing time, resources and capital. Work with our experts who know the why and how measurements are made.

Pre-Compliance Testing

Jump start your schedule by validating your EUT to standards and regulations earlier in your design process. Gain the confidence to pass your future compliance tests.

Compliance Testing

Comply your EUT performance to regulations and standards with our experienced EMC test engineers at our accredited and state-of-the art test lab. Avoid becoming an industry statistic, where 40% of compliance tests fail the first time.

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