Connects PathWave System Design simulations to scenario models from Systems Tool Kit (STK) by AGI, Inc. enabling users to combine complex radar and electronic warfare (EW) scenarios with advanced kinematics and accurate RF system models.


The W4514E PathWave STK Link includes:

  • Connects RF system designers with higher level system and mission planning teams using STK
  • Brings 4-D kinematic channel modeling to PathWave System Design
  • Capture dynamic channel response between multiple moving objects for virtual prototyping

The W4514E STK Link is an interface between AGI (an Ansys Company) STK software and PathWave System Design for enhanced radar / EW visualization and environment modelling. Once your waveform is processed, the STK link produces a dispersive channel that resembles real world effects not found in any other EDA solution.

The capabilities and complexity of modern Radar and EW systems are rapidly expanding. System designers need to model digital algorithm performance combined with accurate RF impairments to predict overall system success. It is increasingly important to test these designs with many different complex scenarios to validate Radar and EW system performance. Companies are turning to simulation to help validate their designs earlier in the design cycle to offset complex and costly real-world testing.

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