Includes post-layout verification for high-speed serial, memory, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity.


The W3626B PathWave ADS Core, EM Design, Layout, HSD Ckt Sim, Memory, SIPro, PIPro includes:

  • Memory Designer (including DDR Bus Simulator)
  • SIPro EM Analysis
  • PIPro EM Analysis: DC IR Drop, AC Impedance, Electro-Thermal Analysis
  • Channel Simulation
  • Transient Convolution
  • EM Design enables the creation and import of parameterized 3D components into ADS

W3626B is a comprehensive high-speed digital bundle for memory design, Signal and Power Integrity analysis. This bundle includes PathWave ADS Memory Designer, SIPro, and PIPro, for pre-layout SI EM analysis and Power Integrity EM analysis. PIPro enables Power Integrity EM analysis for your power distribution network  (PDN), including DC IR Drop analysis, AC impedance analysis, and electro-thermal analysis. This bundle includes HSD Circuit sim which contains: S-parameter sim, channel sim, transient sim, Controlled Impedance Line Designer (CILD), and Via Designer.

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