• Intent-Based Network Policies
  • Self-healing Visibility Fabric
  • Custom Dashboards and Reporting
  • Cluster Management
  • Policy Scheduler
  • Event Management and Triggers
  • Software Upgrade Automation

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  • Centralized License Management
  • Zero-Touch Provisioning
  • Open API for Fabric Management
  • Global Change Management
  • Granular Resource and RBAC
  • Single Sign On
  • Network Topology Discovery
  • Keysight Vision Orchestrator

    As networks evolve to support cloud and edge computing, the solutions required to monitor these environments become more complex. Vision Orchestrator allows you to define a clear intention for monitoring: Where, When, and How to deliver data. Vision Orchestrator’s AI Expert System then performs the complex task of configuring the low-level systems to deliver your intention.

    Vision Orchestrator can manage hundreds of visibility nodes in the Cloud, Data Center, or Edge. This enables organizations to scale and operate their visibility solutions across their entire environment with the ease of intent based policies.


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