• Integrated NVNA active loadpull solution for compact model generation
  • Ideal for measuring 2-port bare transistors exhibiting linear or nonlinear behavior
  • Active source control of RF and dc bias at both input and output ports simultaneously
  • Large signal waveforms passed to ICcap for Keysight DynaFET model extraction
  • Model contains RF and dc behavior including memory effects and load sensitivity
  • Alternatively, large signal data can be used to generate users own compact models
  • Alternatively, use large signal data to fit any existing compact model

The S94522B Arbitrary Load Control (ALC) - Device Characterization application provides a powerful, yet simple and automated process for capturing nonlinear device behavior over active - arbitrary load impedances, input powers and DC biases. When used for Keysight’s DynaFET compact model extraction, the measured device data must be from on-wafer III – V semiconductor FET transistors, GaN or GaAs. On-wafer power should be limited to 5 watts or less due to CW RF stimulus. For general use, the large signal waveforms can be measured for any 2-port device. This application is ideal for bare transistor compact modeling. 

The ALC application is highly integrated and interactive with the NVNA software providing setup, dc I/V selection, measurement and analysis. Each tab in the application guides you through the process. Adjustments can be made, based on measurement results, before saving the final large signal waveform data file for extract into a DynaFET model, a user defined model or as a target for optimizing any compact model. Built-in flexibility enables integration into user systems ranging from the very simple to very complex.

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