• Frequency coverage up to 120 GHz
  • Supported on all N522xB/N524xB PNA/PNA-X test set based millimeter-wave solutions
  • Supports broadband N5290A/91A with either 2- or 4-port configurations
  • Supports banded waveguide frequencies to 120 GHz
  • Utilize the Cal All feature on the PNA/PNA-X for calibrated spectrum analysis measurements
  • DANL of 120 dB/Hz (typical)
  • Multichannel spectrum analysis at millimeter-wave frequencies
  • Either N5261A/62A or N5292A millimeter-wave controller is required
  • Fast and accurate Noise Power Ratio (NPR) measurement with low IMD noise floor

The S93093B has all of the capability of the S93090xB spectrum analyzer application, with an upper frequency of 120 GHz. It is intended for analyzers configured with broadband or banded millimeter-wave frequency extenders, using a millimeter-wave controller. With this configuration, the analyzer’s internal receiver attenuators are not in the receiver paths, so they cannot be used to reduce signal levels. External attenuators may be required to avoid compressing the receivers in the millimeter-wave frequency extenders. When using the S93093B for millimeter-wave spectrum analysis, either N5261A/62A or N5292A millimeter-wave controller is required. When the S93093B is installed on a standalone network analyzer, it will provide spectrum analysis up to the frequency limit of the instrument. 

The PNA SA application adds NPR measurement to the PNA family. It provides integrated measurement setup including multitone signal generation with vector signal generator. New coherent-measurement and vector-averaging techniques employed in the PNA SA application allow you to make faster and more accurate NPR and ACPR measurements with better dynamic range than the conventional NPR measurement with spectrum analyzer.

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