Make multiple active device distortion analysis measurements with a single connection to a PNA family network analyzer utilizing the industry-standard PathWave 89600 VSA (VSA) software for 5G transmitter test. The VSA IQ data link feature in S93053B allows you to send IQ data from the PNA to the VSA software and analyze symbol EVM, AM-AM, and AM-PM.

  • Supports IQ bandwidth up to 40 GHz. (The S93050B/51B/52B licenses are available for bandwidth <=1.5 GHz/<=4 GHz/<= 10 GHz. This license is not needed for bandwidth <= 200 MHz.)
  • Works with the S9309xB Spectrum Analysis application or S93070xB Modulation Distortion application.
  • Get more accurate measurements with a VNA calibration engine.
  • Achieve good data correlation with X-series analyzers.
  • Measure MIMO up to 5 channels.

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Extend the Capabilities of Your S93053B up to 40 GHz

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