Keysight’s S8811A Device Real Networks Performance Toolset enables you to test devices against real infrastructure. With the S8811A toolset, you can verify the performance of devices with real base stations, connected to a commercial network, with end-user services. The toolset includes the Device Troubleshooting Solution for result analysis.

The S8811A toolset provides:

  • PROPSIM 5G channel emulator (PROPSIM FS16 or PROPSIM F64) and the Standard Tools channel emulation software application
  • Ready-to-run test scenarios to test mobile phones, wireless modems, or tablets with MIMO and Massive MIMO Base Stations (at frequency range 1)

The toolset is extendable to:

  • Device test automation control and result logging for 24/7 testing
  • Ready-to-run data throughput test cases to test mobile phone, wireless modems or tablets with MIMO and Massive MIMO base stations (at frequency range 1)
  • Channel Studio GCM Tool software which enables custom geometric channel modeling creation for sub 7GHz testing.
  • Channel Studio RF Field-to-Lab tool for virtual drive test case creation
  • Keysight Nemo field test tools
  • Keysight Nemo 5G Device Analytics

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTNs)

Using satellites to expand your wireless communications reach

RF Field-to-Lab Channel Modeling

RF Field to Lab Channel Modeling software

With the RF Field-to-Lab tool, you can easily bridge the gap between lab and field testing under realistic air-interface conditions through seamless real-world representation of the environment. This process accelerates the validation of wireless devices and network equipment. The RF Field-to-Lab tool offers a repeatable and realistic lab-based test method allowing you to verify multiple designs or multiple revisions of a single design cost-effectively. You can also build a library of RF Field-to-Lab test cases containing data measured in various locations around the world.

The RF Field-to-Lab tool imports radio channel parameters (e.g. Cell ID, RSRP, SNR, and MIMO correlation) from measurement files to create a channel model for the channel emulator. The RF Field-to-Lab tool delivers a reliable replication of recorded field conditions without the need for additional modeling or user input.

Nemo 5G Device Analytics

Nemo 5G Device Analytics is an in-depth troubleshooting, bench marking, and analytics software for 5G chipset and device testing in labs.

5G Device Analytics Software

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