Keysight’s 5G Test Application (TA) Framework controls the UXM 5G network emulator platform which supports 4G LTE as well as both 5G NR deployment modes, Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA). The S8713A Custom Protocol Development (CPD) Toolset builds on this capability and provides access to service access points of control and observation (PCO’s) in the stack, plus a toolset for rapid encode/decoding of messages and data. This allows customization of higher-layer NAS/RRC procedures and user plane packets. This is enabled using a C# development environment based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.

The S8713A toolset offers:

  • Access to an industry-leading and proven 3GPP 4G and 5G protocol stack solution
  • Support for LTE and 5G NR, both FR1 and FR2 frequency bands
  • The ability to customize the RRC and NAS layer procedures to support individual needs
  • Switch between a 3GPP Base Station Emulation and your customized protocol supported in a C# programming environment

o  Direct access to Signaling Radio Bearer (SRB)

o  Direct access to Data Radio Bearer (DRB)

o  Customizable NAS/AS Control Plane signaling and message encodes/decodes

  • Asynchronous handling of received NAS/AS control signaling and RLC/PDCP user plane data using a dedicated Windows Communications Foundation (WCF) interface
  • Full control of network emulator settings using SCPI commands
  • 3GPP compliant L1 & L2 stack; PDCP/RLC/MAC/PHY
  • Advanced logging features that enables rapid debugging and validation of user test cases
  • Access to all the full-featured network environments provided by the 5G Test Application Framework including; MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, FR1, FR2, FDD, TDD, DL & UL scheduling, End-to-End data, Voice/Video, and much more

The S8713A Custom Protocol Development Toolset is part of Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solution portfolio that addresses the entire device development workflow from early design to acceptance and manufacturing. It offers a comprehensive and unique solution that addresses the special need to develop and test proprietary higher layer protocol.

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