Gain Insight Into 5G Device Performance under Real World Channel Conditions

Keysight's S8708A 5G Advanced Performance Test Toolset enables reliable lab testing of mobile devices. This end-to-end wireless device test solution lets chipset and device makers together with mobile operators evaluate and optimize the performance of 5G devices in a lab environment. The toolset is a part of Keysight’s 5G Network Emulation Solution portfolio that addresses the entire device development workflow from early design to acceptance and manufacturing.

The solution offers a verified test set developed before the release of 3GPP FR2 MIMO OTA. It allows R&D teams to test beam management in a 3D spatial fading channel at millimeter-wave (mmWave) frequencies. It covers advanced performance testing above standard requirements for beam management testing with predefined test cases and customizable test scripts that meet specific customer requirements.

The solution offers:

  • Verified test set developed before the release of 3GPP FR2 MIMO OTA
  • Validated channel models for FR2 MIMO OTA according to the TR38.901 test specification
  • Predefined and customizable beam management performance test cases
  • Verified device data throughput performance under CDL channel models in FR1 and FR2
  • State-of-the art logging, visualization, and debugging tools to resolve issues more quickly

The S8708A toolset is the most complete solution for device performance testing. It integrates a high capacity PROPSIM Channel Emulator, an UXM 5G network emulator, FR2 OTA chambers, and mmWave access components. The solution covers mmWave MIMO OTA tests according to the pre-3GPP test specification and allows R&D teams to validate beam management in real world radio channel conditions. It delivers an integrated lab-based test solution that enables users to validate real world performance in a controlled lab environment for enhanced product quality. Stress test devices and optimize to achieve maximum performance. Expose early prototypes to realistic field conditions and accelerate market launch with Keysight’s automated lab test solution.

S8708A 5G advanced performance test toolset

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