Features and performance characteristics

  • 300 KHz to 9 GHz, 2X8 full-cross bar USB switch matrix – solid state switch
  • Fast switching speed with an ultra-long cycle life, reduces total cost of test
  • Unmatched isolation minimizes cross talk in high density ATE systems
  • Build-in temperature stability


  • Route RF and microwave signals in automated test applications
  • Flexibility to build switch matrix as desired, hence a low-cost solution

P9165B 2X8 USB solid state switch matrix, 300 KHz to 9 GHz is a full cross-bar switch matrix that provide a switch based multiport VNA solution in the form of compact USB controlled involving larger scale of multi-DUT or multiport measurement such as 5G massive MIMO antenna measurement and others

P9165B 2X8 USB solid state switch matrix

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