Verify Quality-of-Experience (QoE) in 5G networks with a fully scalable drive test solution and ensure the competitiveness of your network

Innovative Measurement Solution for Network Benchmarking and Drive Testing

  • Accurately measures real end-user quality-of-experience (QoE)
  • Test real over-the-top (OTT) and social media applications with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-driven Application Testing Automation method
  • Captures a complete set of measurements in a single drive test
  • Use with up to 60 test devices and two network scanners
  • Extremely robust and reliable design

Unique Architecture

  • A unique distributed, modular, and fully scalable architecture
  • A wide range of flexible mounting options for drive testing

Support for the Latest Technologies

  • First-to-market support for the latest flagship devices and technologies
  • Support for POLQA 3 voice quality testing

Nemo Network Benchmarking Solution for benchmarking real end-user QoE in 5G networks

The new Nemo Network Benchmarking Solution (NBM) is a fully scalable drive test solution that enables mobile operators, regulators, and service contractors benchmark wireless networks reliably and cost-effectively. NBM delivers comprehensive and reliable measurement capability enabling you to collect measurement data and capture relevant key performance indicators for effective identification of quality-of-experience (QoE) and quality-of-service (QoS) issues. With the new automated AI-driven Application Testing Automation method, you can reliably and rapidly optimize 5G network performance and deliver greater quality of experience (QoE) for smartphone users accessing world’s most widely used OTT services and social media applications, including Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Snapchat, TikTok, and Zoom. Furthermore, the solution offers first-to-market support for the latest flagship devices and technologies.

Capture a complete set of measurements in a single drive test

Some of the existing benchmarking equipment support only a limited number of test devices, which leads to added costs since you cannot test all networks and services at one go. With NBM, you can reliably capture a complete set of measurements in a single drive test, even for large-scale campaigns with up to 60 test devices.

Perform lab testing with real devices and applications

With NBM, network professionals can perform large-scale load testing, Massive MIMO testing, 5G NR beamforming, and O-RAN verification in the lab with real commercial devices and applications and gain realistic insight into network capabilities.

NBM can be used to compare the performance of different chipset versions, modems, base stations, and OTT applications using massive overnight test sequences. The fully automated device self-healing functionality ensures reliable measurement campaigns.

Create an end-to-end automated data processing environment by combining NBM with Nemo Analyze and Nemo Cloud

All tests are run by Nemo Active Testing Application on the test devices reflecting real end-user quality of experience. By combining Nemo Network Benchmarking Solution with Nemo Cloud and Nemo Analyze, you can create an end-to-end automated data processing environment from the collection of measurement data to analytics and reporting. View the results as a NPS score that compares the quality of mobile networks and visualizes the quality of experience (QoE) that the end users perceive when running common applications inside a phone with real use cases in different environments.

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