Enable deeper insights in measurement and analysis by expanding the capabilities of your FieldFox handheld analyzer with software upgradeable capabilities. These capabilities are engineered to deliver precise measurements that agree with benchtop results into the field.

Features available for N9912A (Base model: cable and antenna analyzer):

  • VNA transmission/reflection
  • VNA time domain
  • Mixed-mode S-parameters
  • QuickCal
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Interference analyzer/Spectrogram
  • Preamplifier
  • USB power sensor support
  • Pulse measurements with USB peak power sensor
  • Built-in power meter
  • Remote control capability

and more

  • Measurement capabilities to handle routine maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting
  • Maximize performance with VNA, spectrum analyzer, built-in power meter, vector voltmeter, and more
  • Order with new instrument or upgrade an existing instrument

Spectrum Analysis

233 – Spectrum Analyzer

Perform high-performance spectrum analysis with four trace options, different detector types, radio standard selection, and flexible limit lines.

235 – Pre-amplifier

Increase spectrum analyzer sensitivity and reduce the DANL.

236 – Interference Analyzer and Spectrogram

Identify interfering signals quickly and accurately using spectogram or waterfall display. Record traces over time and store them for offline processing.  

312 – Channel Scanner

Verify signal coverage, identify potential interference issues, and optimize network performance with channel power measurements of up to 20 channels at once.

Cable, Antenna, & Network Analysis

010 – VNA Time Domain

Display reflection or transmission coefficients in the time domain and remove unwanted responses with time-domain gating.

112 – QuickCal

Enable hassle-free calibration in the field for network analysis with no mechanical standards required.

210 – VNA Transmission / Reflection

Use vector network analyzer mode to measure transmission and reflection (S21 and S11) magnitude and phase.

211 – VNA full 2-port S-parameters

Enable vector network analyzer mode to measure all four S-parameters (S21, S11, S12, S22) magnitude and phase.

212 – 1-Port Mixed-Mode S-Parameters

Make balanced, mixed-mode S-parameter reflection measurements (Scc11, Sdd11, Scd11, Sdc11) with network analyzer mode.

215 – TDR Cable Measurements

Enable vector network analyzer mode to measure all four S-parameters (S21, S11, S12, S22) magnitude and phase.

305 – Cable and Antenna Analyzer

Troubleshoot and maintain the performance of RF cables and antennas.

308 – Vector Voltmeter (VVM)

Measure the phase shift and elctrical length of a device and view the results on the large display from a distance.

Power Measurements

208 – USB Power Measurements versus Frequency

Characterize the scalar transmission response of devices such as mixers and converters using USB power sensor measurements versus frequency.

302 – USB Power Sensor Support

Characterize RF pulses such as those used in radar and electronic warfare systems using a USB peak power sensor.

310 – Built-in Power Meter

Make accurate, user-definable channel power measurements such as transmitter output power with no additional external hardware.

330 – Pulse Measurement with USB Peak Power Sensor

Efficiently characterize pulsed RF signals by leveraging a Keysight USB peak power sensor.


030 – Remote Control Capability

View and control FieldFox remotely using an iOS device.

037 – GPS Receiver

Attach geolocation tags to measurements with a built-in GNSS/GPS receiver.

039 – DC Bias Variable-Voltage Source

Provide power to amplifiers under test and bias tower mounted amplifiers.

Learn more about each software option in the Technical Overview.

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