• Remote control of the main test instrumentation
  • Automatically program your DUT into test mode for each test
  • Automated calibration following the procedure recommended in the specification
  • Automatic and unattended conformance testing and characterization measurements
  • Quick and easy measurement results to assess the performance of your DUT without expertise in BERT and DDR5 standard
  • Support for Data Analytics using KS6800A Data Analytics Web Service Software

The M80885RCA DDR5 Receiver Test Application is designed to assist and simplify the stress signal calibration used for testing the inputs of DDR5 SDRAM devices including DIMM, DRAM, RCD, and Buffer devices at the physical layer to ensure minimum required performance and interoperability.

It reduces user interaction to a minimum and performs all required calibration routines and conformance testing automatically by remote controlling all required instruments. Additionally, it automatically programs the different type of DUTs into the appropriate test mode.

The test application utilizes the same framework for the graphical user interface as most of Keysight transmitter test applications reducing training time by providing a common look and feel. When performing setup changes, the user is guided by diagrams as well as text to minimize errors.

Results of the individual calibration steps and tests are presented in tabular form as well as graphical form where appropriate. Calibrations and test results can be stored in projects and recalled at a later point in time. The application can generate an HTML based test report.

The solution consists of several test instruments and fixtures, such as a Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT),
Oscilloscope, Compliance Test Card, and Device Test Card operating together with the M80885RCA software package.

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