• cascade two ISI channels to emulate a wide range of channel loss with fine steps
  • four short ISI channels of 8, 9, 11, and 13 inches (M8048A-001)
  • four long ISI channels of 14, 16, 24, and 34 inches (M8048A-002)
  • differential channels
  • small size to locate closely to device under test

The M8048A ISI Channels can be used to emulate channel loses in receiver test setups. A choice of eight PC board traces with different lengths can be inserted into the signal path. The eight trace lengths range from 7.7 inch (196 mm) to 34.4 inch (874 mm). By cascading the traces within one box or with the other box, a wide range of channels can be emulated with very fine resolution steps. With their small size, the ISI channels can be located closely to the device under test. The cascadable ISI channels are complemented by Keysight’s compliance channels for SATA, DisplayPort, PCI Express, and HDMI.

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M8048A ISI Channels

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