PathWave Test Executive for Manufacturing (PTEM) is a plug-in that enhances the user experience in developing automated test programs using PathWave Test Automation Platform (TAP). With powerful PathWave Test Executive software, we eliminate the need to maintain or develop a test platform by users, especially in a manufacturing environment where a high mix of products exist, the maintenance, enhancement, and control of it could become challenging. Development of a test execution platform should not be a priority for valuable resources, instead optimizing and improving test coverage should be the key area of focus.

Prioritize the benefits

  • Minimize programming and coding effort, promote code reuse with a common platform
  • Create high-level steps, share them and gain the benefits of test standardization for repeatable use cases
  • New and improved graphical switch manager, visualizes instrument and switch connections
  • Easy learning curve, inexperienced users can quickly get involved with the features and tools available
  • Inclusive at no extra cost, a set of library functions for multiple Keysight instruments 
Ordering information
  • Developer version: KS8328A (Requires KS8400A PathWave Test Automation
  • Deployment version: KS8329A
  • Software licenses are available as node-locked, transportable, or floating
  • Licenses are available for purchase with 6-, 12-, 24- or 36-month support

Free Trials

Get a 30-day trial license for the KS8328A PathWave Test Executive for Manufacturing Developer Version.

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