DP0002A is the probe accessory kit for the DP0001A high voltage differential probe. It contains the following accessories designed for reliable differential probe measurement.

  • Spring tips (qty 4),
  • Contact pins (qty 10),
  • Probe tip adapters (qty 2),
  • Safety alligator clips (qty 2),
  • Alligator plunger clips (qty 2),
  • Spade terminals (qty 2),
  • Pincer clips (qty 2),
  • Hook tip adapters (qty 2) and
  • Coupler f-f (qty 1)

The DP0002A comes with a variety of probe tip accessories to suit various DUT connection scenarios and to make the reliable and safe connection to compact target devices possible with the DP0001A high voltage differential probe.

When probing differential signals inside of environmental chambers at extreme temperatures, Keysight offers the N7013A extreme temperature extension kit. The N7013A is compatible with the DP0001A with a de-rated bandwidth of 70 MHz. The 70 cm long differential cable set and accessories can operate in temperatures ranging from -40 degC to +85 degC.

DP0002A accessory kit

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