Attenuator and Switching Capability

  • Controls up to 10 SPDT switches and 2 programmable attenuators
  • Capable to drive Keysight’s electro-mechanical and solid-state switches
  • Support both continuous and pulse drive

Remote Control and Programming

  • LXI compliant to control and trigger the 11713D remotely via a full-featured graphical web interface
  • GPIB with USB and LAN options for easy remote integration
  • Standard SCPI programming language
  • Full backward compatibility with the Keysight 11713B

Drive Power Supply

  • 24V, single voltage
  • 3.4 A maximum continuous current

Other Features

  • User-friendly interface for quick set up, switching, and remote control of automated test equipment (ATE)
  • Built-in counter for easy switch life monitoring
  • Point-to-point connection to Keysight programmable attenuators and switches with 14 optional cable types

Quick, Easy Design Validation and Automated Testing

The Keysight 11713D attenuator/switch driver provides remote or front-panel drive control for both Keysight programmable attenuators and RF switches (electro-mechanical and solid-state switches). The Keysight 11713D can also be used to independently control up to 10 SPDT switches or 2 programmable attenuators. Designed with both benchtop and ATE environments in mind, this flexible, stand-alone driver provides an intuitive user interface, a variety of switching options, software programmability and remote control features for quick, easy design validation and automated testing.

An integrated power supply eliminates the need for an external power source. Each Keysight 11713D is offered with 14 optional plug-in drive cables to provide point-to-point connection to Keysight programmable attenuators and switches.

Fast easy front-panel and remote control of ATE systems

Front panel pushbuttons and an easy-to-read LCD display simplify the setup of functions such as voltage, TTL functions, continuous drive, pulse drive, IP address, etc. Powerful software programming and with GPIB, USB or LAN connectivity and software instrument drivers provide instrument and programming compatibility.

11713D attenuator / switch driver

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