Keysight services help our customers extend the useful life of equipment and prevent prematurely adding to the waste stream. Managing underutilized equipment plays a key role in meeting our aim to minimize the environmental impact of solutions and operations.

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Contribute to the Circular Economy

Realize the value in your under-utilized test assets through the Keysight Technology Refresh Services to extend their life or trade-in for credit to other Keysight hardware, software, and services to reduce your costs and get the technology you need without delay.

All equipment accepted for trade in to Keysight will be refurbished and offered for sale.

Ensure Your Keysight Products Meet a Sustainable End

If you are not using a Keysight trade up or trade-in solution, find out what options are available to get your old Keysight product recycled.

If you are a Keysight customer located in selected EU or EEA member states, Keysight offers local take-back recycling programs available to you which meet the Waste from Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requirements in your country.

Additional information is also offered for other countries.

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Keysight and WEEE

Appropriate recycling of electrical and electronic equipment involves a strict process of dismantling, separation of parts by type (plastics, metals, rubber, etc.) and grinding. Once shredded, raw materials can be recovered to produce new products, reducing the environmental impact of sourcing raw materials.

Keysight fulfills our extended producer responsibilities. In relevant countries where Keysight operates directly, we are registered with the appropriate National Authorities and have contractual agreements with approved compliance schemes as well as with service providers which implement effective take back of products.

Find out more by selecting the country where you are located:

In all other EU and EEA Member states where Keysight solutions are made available through our channel partners, please contact your local Keysight Distributor, Keysight Authorized Technology Reseller or Keysight Solution Partner from whom you purchased the equipment, who will fulfill their extended producer obligations.

For all other countries, please contact your local electronic waste recycler and/or disposal agency for additional information on the alternatives available in your area for handling electronic equipment at the end of its useful life.

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