AresONE 800GE

2/4-port QSFP-DD 800GE test solution

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  • 2-port and 4-port full and reduced performance fixed chassis solutions to meet a broad range of applications and budget requirements
  • Multi-rate Ethernet with each port supporting line-rate 2x400GE, 4x200GE, and 8x100GE
  • Option to add 1x800GE support per port speed
  • Support for Keysight’s full Layer 2/3 feature set with high scale and advanced measurements of Layer 2/3 packet processing
  • Comprehensive L1 BERT, RS-544 FEC statistics, FEC symbol error density distribution, and PCS/FEC symbol error injection testing, stats, and analysis
  • Test and qualify new networking hardware components, optical transceivers and networking equipment based on 112Gb/s electrical lanes
  • Simplify interoperability testing of optical transceivers during testbed bring-up using L1 BERT and KP4 FEC test features
  • Leverages Keysight's IxNetwork to validate high-scale Layer 2/3 multi-protocol networking devices for performance and scalability over 800/400/200/100GE speeds

Challenge: Ensuring High-Performing 800GE and 112G Electrical Lane-Based Products

The need for more bandwidth is being driven by several major influences that are happening simultaneously. The response to the unrelenting demand for greater bandwidth must include a lower cost per gigabit of traffic, lower power consumption of network devices, and little or no increase in data center footprint. This is a tough challenge. Devices that support 112Gb/s electrical lane signaling, PAM4 encoding, and RS (544,514) Forward Error correction double the Ethernet gigabits per second by allowing 800Gb/s throughput in the same form factor and with the same power as required for 400Gb/s per second.

High-speed serial communications links, which make high-speed data transmissions at long distances possible, must move from today’s top speed of 56 Gb/s to 112 Gb/s. A 56G serializer/deserialize (SerDes) PHY can support 1x400GE, 2x200GE, 4x100GE, and 8x50GE speeds. 112G SerDes will reduce the number of lanes or achieve double these Ethernet rates, and double the Ethernet speed support on a per-port basis: 2x400GE, 4x200GE and 8x100GE, as well as support 1x800GE.

Both 112G SerDes and native 800GE speeds will bring better economies of scale, denser configurations, and more attractive price-per-port. However, at such high rates, the high-speed serial path must be carefully tuned for best signal integrity and quality.

AresONE Native 800GE 112Gb/s Electrical Lane Test Solution

Keysight's AresONE-800GE fixed chassis provides 800GE line-rate testing for 112Gb/s electrical lane interfaces for early-adopter chip/ASIC companies, network equipment manufacturers, cloud service providers, hyperscale data center operators, and optical transceiver and fiber cables manufacturers.

With comprehensive test coverage of a broad range of Layer 1–3 use cases and fanouts to lower speeds, AresONE 800GE is the right choice for early adopters of 800GE and for organizations validating 2x400GE, 4x200GE, and 8x100GE now and want 1x800GE capabilities in the future.

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