• Tests L1 -L3 optical transceivers, active and passive fiber, and copper interconnects from 10GE to 800GE on a single platform with QSFP-DD800 and OSFP800 ports.
  • Supports 800GE, 400GE, and 100GE using PAM4 and NRZ signaling, with 106.25 Gb/s host electrical lane signaling and downshifts to 53Gb/s and 26Gb/s for lower Ethernet speeds. Includes all FEC types and in-depth performance statistics on one platform.
  • Enables you to set different speeds and signaling modes on a per port front panel basis since each port is independent.
  • Delivers a reduced performance model that supports IxNetwork and all IxNetwork protocols like other AresONE 400GE and 800GE models, however it only supports up to 100 routing sessions per port.
  • Allows up to 4 users to work independently on the platform at the same time.
  • Optimizes power and cooling requirements and supports optical transceivers that require up to 30 watts per port.
  • Synchronizes with multiple other AresONE and XGS chassis to test high density 800GE/400GE/100GE switching platforms.

Awards and Recognition

Data-intensive applications like AI, high resolution video streaming, IoT, 5G, edge, and cloud computing fuel the need for secure and reliable 800GE network infrastructure. The AresONE 800GE helps you validate equipment interoperability and performance at speeds from 10GE to 800GE on a single platform.

2024 Lightwave Innovation Reviews
Interop Award

Keysight’s AresONE 800GE Dual Interface Model-M  received a Lightwave Industry Innovation Award. An expert panel made up of service providers, technology developers, industry analysts, and media gave the product a 4 out of 5 score. This solution was a demonstration of the OFC 2024 800ZR Transceiver Test with 800ZR coherent optics.

Keysight’s AresONE 800GE won an Interop Best of Show award by demonstrating leading-edge Layer 1–3 tests using 800GE over 106Gb/s electrical lanes to validate network infrastructure, optical transceivers, and copper interconnects.

Industry experts discuss the importance of network performance and interoperability testing in today’s complex multi-speed networks.

See how you can transition to ultra high-speed Ethernet and test your existing network infrastructure on the same platform.

Challenge: Characterize network device interoperability and performance before deployment in a 800GE-capable production network

800GE port speeds bring better economies of scale, higher bandwidth for increased network traffic throughput without increasing footprint. This facilitates the deployment of high port count 800GE network equipment. At these high rates, the high-speed serial paths must be carefully tuned and tested for the best signal integrity, lower BERs, reliable long duration FEC Symbol Error Correction performance, and diverse interoperability requirements.

Challenge: Characterize network device interoperability and performance before deployment in a 800GE-capable production network

The need for more bandwidth is being driven by the unrelenting demand for greater bandwidth, lower cost per gigabit of traffic, and lower power consumption of network devices, and no increase in data center footprint. Devices that support up to 106Gb/s electrical lane signaling, PAM4 encoding, and RS (544,514) Forward Error Correction double the Ethernet gigabits per second by allowing 800Gb/s throughput in the same form factor and with the same power as required for 400Gb/s per second.

High-speed serial communications links are transitioning from 400GE over 53 Gb/s lanes to the faster 106 Gb/s lanes. A 53Gb/s serializer/deserialize (SerDes) PHY can support 1x400GE, 2x200GE, 4x100GE, and 8x50GE speeds per port. A 106Gb/s SerDes maintains the number of electrical lanes as 400GE, and doubles the speed per lane compared to 400GE. It doubles the Ethernet speed support on a per-port basis to: 2x400GE, 4x200GE and 8x100GE, and 1x800GE.

Additionally, there has emerged two dominate form factors for high-speed network equipment interconnects: QSFP-DD800 and OSFP800. These pluggable interconnects have many different configurations in their optical wavelengths, electrical lane speeds, and support for one or more Ethernet speeds. This creates a high demand for interoperability testing.

AresONE-M the only test solution that can test from 10GE to 800GE in a single platform!

Keysight's AresONE-M 800GE fixed chassis provides the most comprehensive test solution available today. Now, testing from 10GE to 800GE over PAM4 and NRZ signaling with advance analysis for FEC symbol error correction performance has never been easier! 800GE line-rate testing for 106Gb/s, 53Gb/s and 26Gb/electrical lane interfaces for early-adopter chip/ASIC companies, network equipment manufacturers, cloud service providers, hyperscale data center operators, and optical transceiver and fiber and copper cable manufacturers is now at your fingertips — all in a single platform!

With comprehensive test coverage of a broad range of Layer 1–3 use cases and fan-outs to lower PAM4 and NRZ speeds, AresONE 800GE Dual Interface Model-M is the right choice for early adopters of 800GE and for organizations validating their transition from 100GE and 400GE networks to 800GE!

AresONE-M the only test solution that can test from 10GE to 800GE in a single platform!

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