The N6710C is a build-to-order system that consists of 1 N6700C mainframe plus 1 to 4 modules that you can customize.


Maximum total output power (= sum of total module output power)

400 W when operating from 100 - 240 VAC input

AC input

Nominal input ratings: 100 VAC - 240 VAC; 50/60/400 Hz

Input range: 86 VAC - 264 VAC

Power consumption: 1000 VA typical

Fuse internal fuse (not customer accessible)

Protection response characteristics

INH input: 5 µs from receipt of inhibit to start of shutdown

Fault on coupled outputs: < 10 µs (from receipt of fault to start of shutdown)


The Keysight N6710C is a 400 W build-to-order system that ships as a fully tested and assembled multiple-output power supply. Each N6710C consists of 1 N6700C mainframe and from one to four 4 DC power modules. Modules are ordered as options to the N6710C.

The N6700 Low-Profile Modular Power System offers small size with up to four outputs in 1U of rack space; GPIB, LAN, USB, and LXI compliance are standard. Select from more than 20 different DC power modules, ranging in capability from basic to high precision and in power from 20 - 300 W.

Small size

The Keysight N6700 MPS uses an advanced switching power supply design that fits within 1U of rack space (1.75 in./44 mm). It has side air vents (no top or bottom air vents), so you can mount other instruments directly above or below it. The unit does require a rack mount kit.   

Built-in measurement of voltage and current

The N6700 modules come standard with built-in voltage and current measurement capabilities to simplify the wiring and design of an ATE system. 

Protection features

Each N6700 module is protected against over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature. A fault condition in one module can be detected within 10 microseconds by other modules so that they can be quickly shut down to avoid hazardous conditions on the device under test (DUT). 

Output Sequencing

Each DC power module or electronic load can be individually set to turn on or off with a delay. By adjusting the delay times and then commanding the N6700 to turn on, you can set the N6700 modules to sequence in a particular order. The same sequencing capability is available to shut down the modules in a particular order.

Output sequencing can be extended across multiple N6700 mainframes for applications that require the sequencing of more than four DC power or electronic load modules. When the I / O ports on the rear panel of the mainframes are wired together, a pair of synchronization signals can be sent between mainframes, enabling the output sequences of all mainframes to be synchronized. The N6700C, N6701C, and N6702C mainframes support this capability. 

Programmable Slew 

For some applications, like inrush limiting or powering rate-sensitive devices, it is necessary to slow down and control the speed of the power supply to maintain a specific voltage slew rate. The N6700 provides a programmable voltage slew rate so that you can easily control the speed at which the output slews from one voltage to another.

You can set the speed of a voltage change anywhere from its maximum up / down programming speed to its slowest change of up to 10 seconds. Programmable voltage slew is available from the front panel when operating the N6700 manually or via computer control. For the electronic load family, slew control is available for voltage, current, resistance, or power. 


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