Real-Time Development for 6G and Other Emerging High-Speed Communication Technologies

A modular, programmable solution that offers an alternative to proprietary custom prototyping systems. Get started faster with its out-of-the-box digital signal processing capabilities. Then scale up as your development progresses with its fully modular architecture.

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Ultra-Fast Real-Time Development Systems

Universal Signal Processing Architecture (USPA) is a modular signal processing platform for real-time development, integrating signal converters with Siemens Veloce proFPGA rapid prototyping systems.

The USPA system is an extremely high performance, flexible, fully programmable real-time environment for developing and testing new signal processing algorithms, ultrafast data generation and acquisition, and a broad range of ASIC and SoC rapid prototyping applications. The USPA system delivers unmatched performance and remarkable cost-effectiveness.

Realistic Testing with Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Keysight arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) are the source of greater fidelity, delivering high resolution and wide bandwidth simultaneously. This unique combination, coupled with our flexible form factors, allows you to create signal scenarios that push your design to the limit and bring new insight to your analysis.

For your most challenging situations, the M8100 family provides high-performance AWG solutions with sample rates as high as 256 GSa/s on 4 channels simultaneously.

Realistic Testing with Precision Arbitrary Waveform Generation
Micram Microelectronic GmbH is Now Part of Keysight Technologies

Micram Microelectronic GmbH is Now Part of Keysight Technologies

Micram Microelectronic GmbH, now part of Keysight Technologies, uses industry-leading Universal Signal Processing Architecture (USPA) to enable customers to accelerate research in emerging applications by enabling rapid prototyping and emulation of very wide-bandwidth real-time stimulus-response systems required for today’s advanced technologies such as 6G and high-speed communications.

With the addition of Micram’s portfolio and advanced R&D staff, Keysight’s mixed-signal / RF team creates a highly knowledgeable team of experts in wide-bandwidth ASIC designs for high-speed digital and 6G that is poised to deliver innovative capabilities to Keysight and Micram’s customers today and for years to come.

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