WLAN Infrastructure Testing

Making carrier grade Wi-Fi a reality

WLAN Infrastructure Testing

Infrastructure scale and performance

Vital real-time applications such as streaming video, unified communications (UC), and patient monitoring are all going mobile, raising expectations for reliable performance. Ensure your APs and controllers deliver on

  • Compliant RF design and promised data handling
  • Low latency operation supporting delay-sensitive applications
  • Reliability requirements for voice and video
  • Network hand-off for mobile IoT environments
  • Multi-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) and 160MHz
Wireless Infrastructure Reliability

Test The WIFI Environment

Ixia IxVeriWave™ delivers Wi-Fi performance testing by simulating complex networking environments. By recreating real scenarios—such as interference and background traffic—in a controlled lab environment, IxVeriWave™ allows IT to identify and resolve problems early in the network lifecycle. Business benefits of using IxVeriWave™ include faster time to market for products, superior network performance, and proactive problem resolution.

Mission Critical Apps in the Enterprise
 IxChariot Image

Test The Network

IxChariot™ instantly assesses and troubleshoots networks and applications before and after deployment. This powerful assessment tool uses software agents—Performance Endpoints—to simulate application traffic and deliver key performance metrics to a central console for easy management.

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