5G Channel Sounding, Reference Solution

The Z2090B-3xx can generate single or multiple coherent outputs to 44GHz with precise phase and amplitude offsets. It is available as a component bundle or as an integrated system.

Key Specifications

For multiple channel coherent systems

  • < 1.5 degrees phase tracking @ 18 GHz
  • 250 kHz to 44 GHz multiple options
  • 15 bit fidelity @ 1 GHz bandwidth
  • Multiple software applications supported

Wide Bandwidth

  • 1GHz for RF signals > 3.2 GHz
  • 260MH for RF signals < 3.2 GHz
  • 500 MHz IF bandwidth (N6030A)
  • 1 GHz I/Q bandwidth (N6030A)

Phase Coherent Tracking

Typical phase tracking at 1 GHz between outputs is < 1.5 degrees. Data measured from 14 degrees C to 27 degrees C temperature range.

Fast Switching Speed

The system can switch frequency in less than 1ns for signals within the 1 GHz frequency bandwidth.

Wide dynamic Range

  • Broadband noise floor < 135 dBm
  • Phase noise: < -109 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz offset, CW
  • Wide spurious-free dynamic range

System Software

  • Matlab® command-line interface
  • LabVIEW® IVI-C style driver
  • Waveform Generation Tool
  • Signal Studio for pulse building compatibility
  • I/Q correction software (future capability)

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