Affordable 2-Port, E-Band Network Analysis

The N5253E3 provides an affordable millimeter-wave (mmWave) vector network analysis solution for 2-port S-parameter measurements in E-band. Configured with a 4-port P5028A Streamline vector network analyzer (VNA) and a pair of N5252AW12 VDI frequency extenders, Keysight engineered an affordable solution for mmWave measurement in the E-band frequency range. The P5028A can also be used standalone for 4-port S-parameter measurements up to 53 GHz. 

  • Two-port S-parameter measurements in the E-band frequency range: 60 GHz to 90 GHz
  • More affordable than the PNA-based E-band VNA
  • Dynamic range: 100 dB minimum, 110 dB (typical)
  • Test port power: +13 dBm typical
  • Power calibration at test ports with an optional power sensor
  • Dedicated frequency extender modules only for use with Keysight Streamline or PXI VNAs
  • Waveguide calibration kit included
  • Streamline P5028A 4-port VNA can be used standalone up to 53 GHz

Extend the Frequency Range and Accuracy of Your Instruments

Add frequency extension modules to overcome the inherent microwave limitations of your vector network analyzer and achieve a high level of measurement accuracy. With the N5253E3 E-band VNA system, you can:

  • Switch easily between different waveguide band frequency extenders using the built-in mmWave dialog
  • Make power level adjustments for higher frequency and accuracy
  • Enhance power calibration at test ports with an external waveguide sensor (not included)


내장 포트 수
2 ports
최대 주파수
90 GHz
내장 포트 수
최대 주파수
2 ports
90 GHz
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동적 범위:
110 dB (typical)
동적 범위:
BW = 10 Hz: 100 dB minimum, 110 dB (typical)
주파수 범위:
60 GHz to 90 GHz
최대 주파수:
90 GHz
Maximum Output:
+13 dBm
내장 포트 수:
2 ports
출력 전력:
+13 dBm (typical)
Magnitude ± 0.15 dB, Phase ± 2 degrees

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