The Keysight 10723A high-stability adapter converts the 10706A Plane Mirror Interferometer into an 10706B High-Stability Plane Mirror Interferometer. The 10706B is a thermally-stable optic with measurement drift reduced to approximately 1/12 the value achieved by conventional plane mirror interferometers.

The Keysight 10723A is part of a family of interferometer products and systems that are tailored to the unique physical layout and measurement requirements of individual applications. Configured with appropriate laser head and system electronics, Keysight optics build precise positioning systems that improve product quality, increase yields, and facilitate the manufacture of precision products.

  • Weight: 49 g (1.7 oz)
  • Economical and simple modification of plane mirror interferometer
  • Available for use in PC and VMEbus compatible systems
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10723A High-Stability Adapter

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