Probe fine-pitch ICs with two dual-lead adapters and four 0.5-mm clips that can be mounted side by side


  • 현재 업계 최소형인 IC 클립!
  • 0.5mm - 0.8mm 리드 피치 범위의 프로브 PQFP 및 SOIC SMT 패키지
  • 클립 몸체가 얇아 많은 IC 클립을 나란히 장착할 수 있음

These IC clips are the smallest in the industry to date and ideal for connecting to fine-pitch IC's as small as 0.5 mm. The clip body allows many clips to be mounted side-by-side. Each kit includes 4, 0.5 mm IC clips and 2 dual-lead adapters.

The dual lead adapter makes connecting the IC clips to your probe easy. You simply install the tip of the Keysight 10070-family probe into the dual-lead adapter. The other end of the dual-lead adapter has two leads that fit the IC clips, or 0.635 mm diameter posts.

  • Smallest IC Clips in the industry to date!
  • Probe PQFP and SOIC SMT packages from .5 mm - .8 mm lead pitch
  • Thin clip body allows many IC Clips to be mounted side by side


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