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Test and Measurement World, April 2002

You can download the stand-alone application that lets you use the FIR filter or you can download the filter's source code and use it in your own application.


For the application only with no source code, select the FIR Application link and download the file. Unzip it to a directory of your choice. The setup.exe will install the application and you should be able to run the application from the 'Start Programs, TMW FIR filter'. If you are using an old version of win 95 you will have to load DCOM or MS Internet Explorer 5.0 before loading the application. DCOM can be loaded from:

Source Code:

For the filter's MS Visual Basic 6.0 FIR digital filter source code. Select the FIR Source link and download Save it to a directory of your choice. The zip file contains two directories, one for the application and one for the ActiveX component.

If you want to run the application from Visual Basic 6, click on Group1.vbg in the directory FIR_App_src. You'll open the application and the ActiveX component in one session of MS Visual Basic 6.0 to allow you to debug or change either. You can then compile your own custom version of the application or filter.

If you have no interest in the application but want to use the ActiveX filter in your own program, double click on the project grpFirFilter.vbg in the FIR_filter_src directory. You'll open a test project for the ActiveX and open the ActiveX component. The test project demonstrates a method to retrieve only the filter coefficients and a method to use the filter without the graphical user interface.

Keysight 33120A and 33250A Waveform Generator users:

If you have a Keysight 33120A or 33250A arbitrary waveform generator, you can use the ActiveX file as an add-in to the Waveform Generator Editor. Select the FIR Addin link and download the file. Unzip it to a directory of your choice and install it with setup.exe. The FIR filter will show up in your Waveform Editor 'Tools' Menu.