This Method of Implementation (MOI) is a guide for Connectors and Cable Assemblies/TxRx Hot TDR Compliance Tests using Keysight’s Vector Network Analyzer. State files test package contain pre-configured setups in accordance with the standard requirements and allows an quick and easy compliance test with pass/fail judgment.

Please download the MOI and state file test package according to your product platform listed below.

  Connectors and Cable Assemblies Tx/Rx Hot TDR
Test Parameters
  • Mated Connector Differential Impedance
  • Cable Absolute Differential Impedance
  • Cable Pair Matching
  • Common Mode Impedance
  • Intra-Pair Skew
  • Differential Rise Time
  • Insertion Loss
  • Differential to Differential Crosstalk: NEXT
  • Eye Diagram Measurement: Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI)
  • Pair Differential Impedance
  • Single-ended Impedance
  • Gen2(3Gb/s) Differential Mode Return Loss
  • Gen2(3Gb/s) Common Mode Return Loss
  • Gen2(3Gb/s) Impedance Imbalance
  • Gen1(1.5Gb/s) Differential Mode Return Loss
  • Gen3(6Gb/s) Differential Mode Return Loss
  • Gen3(6Gb/s) Impedance Imbalance