Library Installation:

Install this software update in the following instrument: Keysight I/CV software

Keysight I/CV software is obsolete. For users who does not have Keysight I/CV software installed in computer, the following software will not work.

The software package includes Spot4980.vbs, Bsweep4980.vbs and Library4980.pdf.
Copy the VBScript file to an appropriate Windows folder, i.e. \METRICS\ICS\vbscripts\E4980A (for ICS use) or \METRICS\algs\E4980A (for I/CV module script).

  • Spot4980.vbs : Performs a spot impedance measurements
  • Bsweep4980.vbs : Performs a bias-sweep impedance measurements

Revision: This VBScript runs for I/CV 2.1 and I/CV 3.0 software.

Documentation: Refer to the Library4980.pdf in Downloads below.