Software Release Date: August 2009
AOI System Requirements: SJ50 Series 2, SJ50 Series 3 and sj5000
Operating System: Windows® XP Professional Service Pack 2
Software Requirements: 4.12.05

In our efforts to continually improve your experience, we are releasing the software update. The Medalist AOI software update contains a series of changes to the AOI software which improve the performance and stability of your system.

Please note, this is a not a complete software installation. Your AOI system must already have the 4.12.05 software installed prior to installing this patch.

Kindly refer to the Release Note for bug fixes and installation procedure.

Keysight는 가능한 최신 버전을 사용하는 것을 권장하며, 최신 버전에는 현재 사용 가능한 가장 최신 버그 수정 및 보안 패치가 포함되어 있습니다.
릴리스 날짜 버젼 버전 설명
2009-08-18 Keysight Medalist AOI SJ OLP Patch
릴리스 날짜 버젼
Version Description
Keysight Medalist AOI SJ OLP Patch

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  • Does Not Require a License

Installs on: PC

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  • Windows XP

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