Download the A.04.04 patch file that will upgrade customers' 14565A A.03.xx or A.04.00 software installations to revision A.04.04 which provides the following enhancements:

Version A.04.04 (November 1, 2004)
1. The binary data file size, for up to 400 hours operation, was increased from 7.2 MB to 28.8 MB. This provides more resolution for a greater amount of time in the data log file.

1. Graphical Format adjustments were made to correctly position some of the control boxes, specifically when operating under the Traditional Chinese and Japanese Windows Operating Systems.
2. The trigger type select pull down menu was changed to correctly display under Traditional Chinese and Japanese Windows Operating Systems. Previously it would not pull down.
3. The data logging timeout error message has been updated to include "too short of an integration time setting" as another likely cause for the data log operation to unexpectedly terminate.
4. A pop-up alert message was added to notify the user, when exporting the data log to Excel, not to access the spread sheet during the exporting process, to avoid disrupting it.
5. The font size was reduced on the graphs created by using copy and print, to better fit the text within the graphs' borders.
6. The Runtime error and abnormal program termination specifically when logging both voltage and current in data log mode, when using a 66321B/D, was corrected.
7. I/O configuration instrument/interface "Auto-detect" feature now searches over multiple GP-IB cards. Previously it stopped at the first card.
8. Adjustments were made to the CCDF mode graphs to eliminate average offset error due quantitization resolution. This equates to 4.88 uA for the 20 mA range, 0.244 mA for the 1 A range, 0.75 mA for the 3 A range, and 3.75 mV in the 15 V range.

Release A.04.04 also incorporates all earlier upgrades released.

Note that this patch file will not work if applied over previous patch files that have been installed. The earlier patch file and base application must first be uninstalled. The base application can then be reinstalled followed by installing this patch file.

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릴리스 날짜 버젼 버전 설명
2004-11-01 A.04.04 Enhancements made with release A.04.04 of the 14565A Device Characterization Software...
릴리스 날짜 버젼
2004-11-01 A.04.04
Version Description
Enhancements made with release A.04.04 of the 14565A Device Characterization Software...

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