Introducing the two-channel RF measurement capabilities for the 89600 vector signal analyzers. Vector signal analyzers are noted for their ability to measure signal phase as well as signal amplitude. Adding a second measurement channel to the 89600 that is phase locked to the first channel expands this capability to provide phase measurements between two signals. This new capability covers frequencies up to 2.7 GHz and signal bandwidths as wide as 36MHz.

89600 Vector Signal Analyzer

Frequency response measurements help smart antenna research and design
Smart antenna measurements require multiple phase coherent channels. Designing and characterizing the performance of these antennas requires an analyzer that can make phase coherent measurements between elements.

Measure the frequency response of each channel, or elements in the channel, to check for channel match, magnitude amplitude and delay instability in amplifiers.

Overcoming instrument noise
Use cross-spectrum measurements to overcome instrument noise when measuring weak signals. The figure shows two cdma2000 signals at the output of a multi-channel power amplifier. With both channels connected to the amplifier output an averaged cross-spectrum measurement reduces the instrument noise in the measurement to reveal a third order intermodulation product.

89600 Vector Signal Analyzer

Correlation and coherence measurements are also provided.

Speed MCPA tests
Team the dual RF channel 89600 vector signal analyzer with Keysight's 89604A distortion test suite software to measure wideband multi-channel power amplifiers. The distortion test software can measure the stimulus and response signals in an MCPA test one after the other and them process them. A faster approach with less need for triggered repeatable signals is to measure the stimulus and response signals simultaneously using the 89600.

Whether you are working on smart antenna design or MCPA testing, the dual-phase coherent, wideband RF channel capabilities of the 89600 vector signal analyzer family will help you make the measurements you need to get to a working, effective design.