Genesys Filter Synthesis

Genesys Filter Synthesis is a versatile, interactive tool that creates high-performance L-C filters to your specifications. The tool helps RF engineers of all skill levels become more productive, and enables system architects to assess Make or Buy decisions to lower cost.

Genesys Filter Synthesis offers a rich variety of ideal filter topologies that can be applied many different ways, including

  • 4 filter types (Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass, Bandstop)
  • Up to 9 filter shapes for each filter type (Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel, user-defined, and many more)
  • Up to 8 topologies for each filter shape (Minimum Capacitor, Minimum Inductor, Tubular, and many more) - approximately 100 total across all types
  • Single-ended or balanced topologies

Furthermore, Genesys Filter Synthesis gives you a working schematic with pre-defined simulations and graphs, and helps you overcome problems with unreasonable element values. Since you have the full capabilities of the Genesys Core environment, you can add finite "Q" to the component values, optimize them and perform yield analysis for better performance, tune them to standard values, substitute real SMT library parts, create a layout with physical parasitics on a commercial board material, and export a mask to a board shop.

Genesys Filter Synthesis is affordable and easy to use, making it an ideal personal productivity tool for busy RF professionals. It creates high-performance ideal LC filters that be can customized for RF Boards, embedded LTCC substrates, MMIC, and other applications where inductances and capacitances can be realized as physical structures. Eliminate use of filter tables, or bring the co-efficients for your favorite filter type into Genesys and let the software do all the hard work.

Examples of what you can design with Genesys Filter Synthesis


  • Lumped-element filters for IF and RF applications on circuit boards
  • High-performance channel and interference rejection that cannot be purchased as an off-the-shelf commercial part
  • Explore system trade-offs interactively and do fast, personal prototyping

Genesys Filter Synthesis

Genesys Filter Synthesis

Tip: The Filter Synthesis module is the single most popular individual Genesys module. Designers who own Genesys Core, or bundles without Synthesis, purchase this popular bundle as an upgrade in design productivity.

This powerful synthesis capability is available in the following Genesys bundles:

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