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ZigBee leverages the IEEE 802.15.4 physical layer. The following table shows the RF tests for the IEEE 802.15.4 standard and the recommended Keysight test tools to make these measurements.

ZigBee RF Tests 
RF Tests (IEEE 802.15.4 reference) X-Series Signal Analyzers 89600 Vector Signal Analysis Software1 X-Series Vector Signal Generators, N5182A MXG, E4438C ESG, PXI Signal Generator8 E6640A EXM Wireless Test Set N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set P-Series, EPM-P Series Power Meters
Transmitter Tests            
Output Power (6.7.5)        
Power rise/fall          
Spectrum PSD mask (            
Transmission spurious (6.1.5)            
Center frequency tolerance (6.7.4)            
Constellation error            
Error vector magnitude (6.7.3)            
Transceiver Tests            
Out-of-band spurious emission            
Tx-Rx / Rx-Tx turnround4 (6.7.1, 6.7.2)            
Receiver Tests            
Sensitivity (            
Symbol rate error tolerance            
Max input level (6.7.6)            
Jamming resistance (          
Energy detect6 (6.7.7)            
Link Quality Indication6 (6.7.8)            

1 89600 Series vector signal analysis software can be used with a variety of digitizers including: X-Series Signal Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, PSA High-Performance Spectrum Analyzer, ESA-E Series Economy Spectrum Analyzer, and N4010A Wireless Connectivity Test Set.

2 With a full burst recorded, a free run trigger and continuous peak hold allows evaluation of the spectrum with a 100 kHz resolution bandwidth, as stated in the specification.

3 EVM demodulation results requires N9064A VXA vector signal analysis measurement application with option 2FP (W9064A for CXA) or 89601B VSA software with option AYA. 89600 software can runs inside X-Series signal analyzer. Therefore no external PC is required. Demodulation measurements using the N4010A requires the use of 89600 Series VSA software.

4 This test may require specific test modes. An oscilloscope such as the 9000 Series Infiniium Oscilloscopes may be required.

5 Requires a user designed waveform file or one created with IQ data capture from a real DUT. Real-time signal if baseband is the necessary format.

6 Link Quality Indication, Energy Detect and Clear Channel Assessment tests may be conducted if the required test modes are available.

7 Requires a second source (e.g. E6640A, N5182 MXG, N4010A, , N5172B, E4438C) outputting a ZigBee signal waveform file. Such a file can be either user designed (e.g. Matlab) or created with IQ data capture from a real DUT (e.g. use N9020A with 89600 Series VSA software to view and capture signal, save a recording and then download to the N5182B for playback).

8 Zigbeee Baseband Signal Generation software can be used to create the Zigbee OQPSK modulated signal at 2.4 GHz.