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Keysight is a leading provider of DC power supplies for various applications in R&D, production testing, and quality assurance. Keysight’s bench power supply products offer clean, reliable power with low output ripple / noise and high accuracy. They also have advanced features such as data logging, output sequencing, list mode, and output coupling. Customers can choose from different models with single or multiple outputs, ranging from 30 W to 800 W of power. Keysight’s bench power supply products include: E36100 Series: A bench power supply for low-power devices, with OLED display and LAN (LXI Core) and USB connectivity. E36150 Series: Autoranging benchtop power supplies with 800 W power on a single channel output and detachable high current front binding post. E3630 Series: Clean and stable power up to 200 W per output, with low-noise linear power supply and RS-232 and GPIB connectivity. E3640 Series: Single and dual outputs up to 100 W of power, with low output noise and store and recall functions. E36300 Series: Triple output, low noise, and packed with features such as data logging, output sequencing, list mode, and output coupling. E36200 Series: Autoranging power supplies that can produce more current at all voltages levels and combine outputs for higher current or voltage using auto-series or auto-parallel. EDU36311A: Triple-output bench power supply with robust design and usability at an affordable price. Customers can order Keysight’s bench power supply products online at or contact their local Keysight office. They can also find more information about the product features, specifications, dimensions, warranty, and service options in the catalog (literature no. 7120-1256EN). Moreover, customers can benefit from KeysightCare service and support, which offers technical response time, repair coverage, firmware notifications, and application engineering assistance.
Column Control DTX