PXI / AXIe Modular Products Catalog


Design and Test Complex Devices with Confidence


As commercial and military communications systems increase in complexity, R&D engineers optimize space by replacing multiple discrete subsystems with a single compact chip or module. These highly integrated devices must be high-performance, power-efficient,  and reasonably cost-effective to produce and test


Keysight helps you test highly integrated multichannel or multiport devices with speed and accuracy using our line of Keysight PXI and AXIe instruments. Here are a couple of examples of how these solutions can help you


• Keysight PXI vector network analyzer (VNA) demonstrates a significant reduction in manufacturing test time at many customer sites. It provides true multiport capability — simultaneously testing up to 50 ports in one chassis without switches.

• Keysight M8199B AXIe arbitrary waveform generator (AWG) addresses coherent optical and multilevel / multichannel signal requirements. This solution delivers the highest bandwidth (exceeding 80 GHz) and highest speed at 256 GSa/s, enabling signal generation 160 GBaud and beyond.


There are time-saving starting points for test system creation — documented solutions that address specific measurement applications such as 5G infrastructure testing and quantum computing. The Keysight PathWave test software, usable with benchtop and modular instruments, helps development teams transition designs from the lab to high-volume production. Modular instruments offer the added benefit of efficient, high-speed test


Keysight helps you tackle your toughest RF, microwave, and digital test challenges. Our foundation is the industry’s most accurate measurement science, giving you maximum confidence to achieve your first, best measurement and insight into what’s next


Most PXI / AXIe modular purchases include KeysightCare. As a KeysightCare subscriber, you get unlimited access to Keysight technical experts with predictable response times on any instrument or measurement questions for these application areas


PXI modular instruments — interoperability, size, speed, and scalability


PXI, an open, multivendor standard governed by the PXI Systems Alliance, ensures interoperability of modules and chassis from different vendors. The PXIe backplane bus leverages PCI Express® technology, which significantly improves test speed and reduces latency, especially for data- and transaction-intensive test applications. The bus also enables the scalability of the system as your test needs change. Integrate PXI instruments into an existing test system of benchtop, PXIe, or AXIe instruments


AXIe modular instruments — truly advanced,  cutting-edge technology


AXIe is a next-generation open standard based on Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA). Increasing the power and headroom available to each slot allowed the development of higherperformance modules with faster switching speeds, larger power draws, and more complex measurement architectures. AXIe instruments provide timing, triggering, and module-to-module data movement features for high-performance test and measurement systems used in aerospace / defense, high-energy physics, semiconductor test, and other industries. The chassis and modules complement benchtop and PXI products, including PCIe® and LAN interfaces that allow them to act like virtual PXI or benchtop instruments


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