Handheld DMM Test Tools


Retool Your Expectations

For more than 70 years, Keysight has been creating innovative measurement solutions. In recent years, we’ve been applying our tradition of innovation to handheld tools for electrical and electronics testing. Today, these tools are ready for the real-world conditions you face every day—and many offer unique functions such as:

- Clear readouts from a high contrast OLED display

- Continuity checks with audible and flashing alerts

- Low-light troubleshooting with a built‑in flashlight

We’re always looking for ways to simplify your day-to-day work. As we continue to develop innovative handhelds, you may start to feel like we do: It’s a good time to retool your expectations.

Remote Link Solution

Measure further, easier and faster. By simply attaching the U1177A / U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth® adapter to the IR port of a Keysight handheld meter, you’ll get instant wireless Bluetooth connection setup. The new U1117A IR-to-Bluetooth adapter and U1115A remote logging display allow you to safely measure, view and log test measurements with an extended range of up to 100 meters. What’s more, you can now log and monitor data on more display devices such as the U1115A remote logging display, iOS/Android smart devices or on a Windows PC.


- Extended measurement distance of up to 100 meters

- View readings of up to four handheld meters simultaneously

- Compatible across all existing Keysight U1200 series handheld meters

- 60,000 points interval loggings

- Download logged data to a PC via Bluetooth connections

- Micro USB external power ports

- Indoor and outdoor viewing modes

Thermal Imager

The Keysight U5850 Series TrueIR thermal imagers

Detect abnormalities sooner with higher resolution thermal images within the camera. The U5850 series TrueIR thermal imagers give you an in-camera fine resolution of 320x240 pixels from a 160 x120 pixels detector.

Our solution provides clearer, sharper thermal images so problems can be detected sooner. Now you can easily capture, save and monitor temperature changes overtime with 0.07°C thermal sensitivity. What’s more, you can capture more images without straining your hands with the ergonomically designed TrueIR thermal imager.


- Identify abnormalities faster with four times more in-camera fine resolution

- Monitor temperature changes through image logging and temperature trending capabilities

- Ability to focus on objects as close as 10 cm away

- Compact, lightweight, ergonomic

- High temperature range (up to 1200°C)

- Easy-to-use customizable color palette

- Configurable quick access buttons to easily change settings with one hand

Insulation Resistance Tester

Keysight U1450A/60A Series Insulation Resistance Testers

Accomplish more in a day’s work with the Keysight U1450A/U1460A series insulation resistance testers. By adding Bluetooth connectivity to these handhelds, you are able to perform tests remotely using a Windows PC or on iOS/ Android smart devices.

Also, get test reports generated automatically with the insulation resistance testers’ complimentary reporting software. All five models are certified to IP 67 and tested to withstand drops of up to three meters (10 feet), letting you carry out tests with full confidence even in harsh working conditions. What’s more, you can perform various measurements with the built-in digital multimeter and adjust test voltages from 10 V to 1.1 kV with 1 V step on selected models to test unique applications.


- Wireless insulation resistance testing via PC and smart phone/tablet applications

- Automatic test report generation

- 50 V/100 V/250 V/500 V/1000 V test voltages

- Measure up to 260 GΩ

- Timed/PI/DAR test

- Adjustable test output voltage from 10 V to 1.1 kV1

- 4.5 digit DMM with OLED display, basic2 and full featured3

- IP 67 certified, three meter (10 feet) drop proof

- CAT III 1000 V / CAT IV 600 V overvoltage protection

- For Keysight Remote Link solution, add on optional U1117A Infrared (IR)-to-Bluetooth adapter to get instant wireless Bluetooth connection


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