P-Series Power Meters and P-Series Wideband Power Sensors – Configuration Guide

Configuration Guides


This configuration guide describes standard configurations, options and compatible accessories. Contact your local Keysight Technologies, Inc. representative for additional information.

P-Series Power Meters

The P-Series power meters provide peak, average, peak-to-average ratio power measurements, time-gated and free run modes, rise time, fall time and pulse width measurements.

The P-Series power meters are compatible with the 8480, E-Series and new P-Series power sensors. The P-Series power meters have a different sensor input connector than the EPM and EPM-P Series power meters, so it is necessary to use adapter cables. These adapter cables come in three different lengths. When using the 8480 or E-Series sensors, refer to the Cable Accessories section in this guide. For additional information, refer to the Literature References section.

The standard P-Series power meters include:

  • Single-channel power meter, order N1911A or dual-channel power meter, order N1912A
  • Input sensor connector(s) on the front panel
  • Reference calibrator (1 mW, 50 MHz) connector on the front panel
  • Documentation CD-ROM
  • Keysight Instrument Control DVDIO libraries suite
  • Command expert
  • BenchVue software platform
  • 30-day free trial of BenchVue power meter/sensor control and analysis app
  • Supplied accessories: power cord (plug matches country destination requirements)
  • USB adapter cable (part number 8121-1583, Cable-Assembly 4Pin-5Pin Male USB 2000 mm-LG)

P-Series Wideband Power Sensors

The P-Series wideband power sensors are designed specifically for operation with the P-Series power meters for wide bandwidth power and time measurements. These sensors are the only Keysight power sensors that have their cable permanently wired (hard-wired) into the sensor. This provides better wide bandwidth specifications compared to having a removable cable. Refer to the Sensor Cable Lengths section in this guide for part number and cable length information.

The standard P-Series power sensors include:

  • Power sensor 50 MHz to 18 GHz, order N1921A
  • Power sensor 50 MHz to 40 GHz, order N1922A
  • Documentation CD-ROM


Power sensor compatibility

The P-Series power meters are compatible with all current (N)8480, E-Series and P-Series power sensors. Refer to the Accessories section, P-Series meter cable adaptors N1917A/B and C.

Connector options for P-Series power meters

The following options are available on the P-Series power meters.

Software Accessories

Keysight BenchVue software

Keysight BenchVue software for the PC accelerates testing by providing intuitive, multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming necessary. You can derive answers faster than ever by easily viewing, capturing and exporting measurement data and screen shots. The N1911A/12A Power Meters are supported by Keysight BenchVue software’s BV0007B Power Meter/Sensor Control and Analysis app.

P-Series Wideband Power Sensor Cable Lengths

Three fixed cable length options are available for the P-Series power sensors at 1.5 m, 3.0 m and 10 m. Option 105 is the standard (default) option.


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