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KeysightCare Technical Support is a comprehensive service that provides unlimited access to technical experts, faster response times, and proactive notifications for instruments, software, and solutions. KeysightCare helps customers improve their time to market, reduce costly unplanned downtime, and prevent potential support issues. Customers can choose from different tiers of KeysightCare Technical Support depending on their needs and budget. KeysightCare Technical Support offers the following benefits: - Access to a global team of world-class technical and application support engineers with in-depth knowledge of leading-edge technologies, industry standards, compliance, applications, and instruments and software used in test systems. - Committed technical support response times ranging from ≤ 2 business hours to ≤ 2 business days, depending on the KeysightCare agreement. - 24/7 access to the Keysight Support portal and the Knowledge Center with technical articles, videos, troubleshooting guides, and case management. - Proactive firmware and application software release notifications for all KeysightCare-entitled assets registered in the Keysight Support portal. - Application software updates for customers with KeysightCare Application Software Support agreements. KeysightCare Technical Support covers a wide range of hardware and software products from Keysight, including general test and automation, digital photonics test, component test, wireless device test, and PathWave design software. Customers can check the availability of KeysightCare for their specific products using the Service Definition Tool. Customers can also upgrade their KeysightCare coverage to include repair and calibration services with committed turnaround times. To get started with KeysightCare Technical Support, customers can contact Keysight through the Keysight Support portal at or through email or toll-free numbers available in different regions. Customers can also request information on product comparisons, technical configuration, and quotations. KeysightCare Technical Support is part of Keysight's support strategy and commitment to provide best-in-class test and measurement customer care and dedicated, proactive support. Keysight enables innovators to push the boundaries of engineering by quickly solving design, emulation, and test challenges to create the best product experiences. To learn more about KeysightCare Technical Support and other services such as education and consulting, visit or contact your local Keysight representative.


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