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Antenna Test


What hardware do I need for an antenna test?

The minimal amount of equipment needed to test an antenna or an array of antennas is a signal generator, network analyzer, and chamber. Be sure to select instruments that can operate across the full frequency range the antennas are designed for.


Are network analyzers a good option for radar cross-section measurements?

High-power pulses are often used in RCS measurements to overcome the high losses due to low device reflection and two-way transmission path loss. For this reason, receiver gating is often required in RCS measurements to avoid overloading the receiver during the transmission of the pulsed-RF signal. The PNA Series provides the excellent measurement sensitivity, fast frequency agility and data acquisition speeds necessary for RCS measurements.


Can I use a CATR chamber for antenna test?

Yes. The Antenna Measurement Toolset is a comprehensive solution to test and verify different types of antennas for cellular, automotive and satellite communication with the help of the following components. F9650A is Keysight’s compact antenna test range (CATR) solution offering quiet zone diameters of 30, and 40 cm in a modular format for operation from 6-110 GHz.


What is a phased array antenna?

Phased array antennas requires multiple individual antennas, called elements, to work together as a unit. Designers configure this collection of antenna elements in such a way that the radiation pattern of each element combines with neighboring antennas to form an effective radiation pattern called the main lobe.



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