Column Control DTX

E3620A and E3630A Non-Programmable DC Power Supplies


Reliable Power, Repeatable Results

  • Linear power supply
  • Dual or triple output
  • 10-turn voltage and current control
  • Low noise and excellent regulation

Affordable, Full-Featured Benchtop Power Supplies Provide Excellent Performance and Flexibility

Multiple-output non-programmable models The Keysight Technologies, Inc. E3620A and E3630A low-cost benchtop power supplies give you the performance of system power supplies at a decent price. Both supplies provide clean power with excellent regulation and a fast transient response. With multiple supplies in a compact unit, the E3620A and E3630A provide excellent performance while saving space on your bench. Both instruments feature a tight 0.01 percent line and load regulation and a low normal mode noise specification of less than 0.35 mV to ensure clean power for precision circuitry. With a common mode current specification of less than 1 μA, both multiple-output power supplies minimize the power line current injection. The E3620A and E3630A feature separate digital panel meters so you can monitor the voltage and current simultaneously. They also protect your DUT against overload and short-circuit damage.

Smooth turn-on and turn-off transitions keep power spikes out of your circuits. Auto-tracking permits equal or proportional voltage sharing, and allows control of output voltage from one master unit. The master and slave supplies have the same output polarity with respect to a common bus or ground. This operation is useful where simultaneous turn-up, turn-down or proportional control of all power supplies is required.

E3620A dual-output power supply

The 50-watt E3620A dual-output power supply provides two 0 V to 25 Vdc outputs with the maximum current of 1 A to satisfy most bench requirements. The outputs are completely independent and isolated.

 E3630A triple-output power supply with auto-tracking feature

The 35-watt E3630A triple-output power supply provides three DC outputs: 0 to 6 V with a maximum current of 1 to 2.5 A and 0 to 20 V and 0 to %20 V with a maximum current of 0.5 A. An auto-tracking feature lets you use one voltage control to adjust the +20 V and %20 V outputs simultaneously. The outputs track each other to within 1 percent, making it easy to adjust the power supply for circuits requiring balanced voltages.



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Column Control DTX